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Dangers of not shoveling snow off of your house

| December 27, 2013


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Snow on the ground may look pretty, but snow on the ROOF of your house can be DANGEROUS- and there can be dire consequences if it isn’t removed. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports…

Just one week into winter and workers of D&J Roofing have had their hands full..,

Dale Argraves of D&J Roofing said, “This is an unusual year, last year we’ve done, I probably got more calls already in 2 days than I did all last year.”

When it snows consecutively for days in a row, it doesn’t take long for it to accumulate on the roof of your home. Enough of it can cause the roof to cave in or collapse. It’s not just the weight of the snow that’s dangerous, it’s the buildup of the ice and the water that’s underneath it.

“The snow we have on the roofs this year wouldn’t be that serious but it’s a heavy snow and we got a lot of water under. It could be like this house here they had a lot of problems water come down through their cupboards and several other places in the house,” said Argraves.

Water damage inside the house can add up to BIG bucks.

Vice President of Property Claims at MMG, Timothy Vernon said, “With the cooling temperatures and then the sun starts to hit it during the day, you start to get the melt of that snow, at night it freezes, has no place to go cause it dams on the edge of the roofline, and then you start to get water backing up under the shingles it goes into the house and that’s when it causes problems.”

The best way to avoid those problems? Remove the snow on your roof after each storm. But be safe about it- don’t go on your roof alone, and if it’s steep let a professional handle it.

And you don’t have to actually get on your roof to clear the snow.. You can use a roof rake from the edge of the roofline to help you push it off. Removing ice from the roof is a little trickier; and if you don’t want to risk destroying the shingles you may be better off getting a professional to do it.

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