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Cross Insurance Center Prepares for Major Events

| January 23, 2014


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The Cross Insurance Center will be a very busy place over the next month. The Eastern Regional Cheering Championships are this Saturday in Bangor  and then on  February 14th the Eastern Maine Basketball Tournament will tip off.  Mike Dyer the General Manager of the Cross Insurance Center says  that everyone will directed to the Upper Buck Street Entrance.


Mike Dyer:” They will actually access the big parking lot just as they always have, but they will access if from what we call the Upper Buck Street Entrance. In other words the early arrivals will filter down and get into the spots closest to the building and as they get here later they will fill in the spots getting away from the building.”

Several events have been held at the venue since it’s official opening last fall.  John Bapst, Brewer and the University of Maine are all playing home basketball games in the building. Ticket entrance to the building is on the concourse level

Mike Dyer: “Instead of coming in and climbing up to their seats they will actually come in and be able to walk down to their seats. All the amenities, the restrooms all the concession stands are on the concourse level.”

Access to the building for handicapped or people with Special Needs is also much easier and more convenient

Mike Dyer:” There is an escalator and there are elevators in the building. Unlike the old place it will be easy to get around in the building that is one thing this building really excells at getting people in and out.”

The General Manager is looking forward to showcasing the building to sports fans and he feels they will enjoy their experience.

Mike Dyer: It will be a tad unfamiliar, but if people just take a moment take a deep breath and follow the signs. I think it will go very smoothly and I think people will be very pleased.



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