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Crime Down in Maine

| June 17, 2014

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Crime in Maine decreased -9.1% during 2013, according to the Maine Department of Public Safety, the largest drop in 20 years.

Public Safety Commissioner John E. Morris said every crime category went down last year, except for aggravated assaults. Morris said the overall crime decrease was the largest since 1993, when crime dropped

-9.4% that year.

“Maine continues to be one of the safest states in the country and last year was the safest in Maine in two decades. The crime decrease is great news for the short term, and we will continue our efforts on the law enforcement side.  The public can also help by being watchful of potential crime and reporting it. The first five months of 2014 are showing signs of a significant increase in drug activity being credited to an influx of out of state drug dealers setting up shop in Maine”, Morris said.

Aggravated assaults, which involve serious injury or usually involves use or threatened use of a  weapon, showed a significant increase of +17.4% for 2013 (943 reported in 2013 vs. 803 reported in 2012).  2012 aggravated assaults had a decrease reported of -5%. Simple assaults decreased in 2013, – 9% for 2013 (10,739 reported for 2013 vs 11,796 reported for 2012).

Every other crime category showed decreases with the largest drops in arson and robbery.

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