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County woman with family in the Philippines during Typhoon Haiyan

| November 13, 2013


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It’s been 5 days since one of the strongest tropical cyclones on record struck the Philippines; killing thousands of people and destroying tens of thousands of homes and buildings. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos sat down with a County woman who has family there and who watched the Super Typhoon Haiyan disaster unfold.

Lucy Newbegin said, “My father’s house is gone, and all of my brothers and sisters houses are all gone but they are all safe.

Last Friday a vicious storm tore through the central Philippines. Today tens of thousands are homeless and more than 24-hundred people are dead. Lucy Newbegin of Caribou is thankful that her family members are among the survivors. She knows that they are ok but still, she has no idea where they are.

Lucy Newbegin said,  “I don’t have enough communication with them because they live in the island, when I went and visited them 10 years ago they don’t even have electricity, and they’re just beginning to improve that.”

Tens of thousands of homes and buildings were demolished by Super Typhoon Haiyan. The mass devastation led to a severe shortage of food and water: basic necessities thousands of Filippinos are left without. Power also went down making communication nearly impossible.

Lucy Newbegin said, “We just rely on some blogs from the provinces that has a cell phone that’s still on. Because you know how it is in the Philippines, it’s not like here in the United States where we keep our cell phone on 24/7 in the Philippines they conserve that.”

Recovery efforts continue as the death toll rises. And survivors wait for a flight to safety as the pacific nation reels after this major natural disaster.

Lucy Newbegin said, “I’m still worried about them because it’s not over yet.. The crops are all gone, there’s no shelter and I just can picture I’m trying to picture where can they be? I don’t know where they are.”


Massive International relief efforts are underway as desperation is rising among survivors as they struggle to find food and water. There’s also great concern for disease with many bodies still un-recovered.

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