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County Students Promote Community Service Through School Blood Drives

| March 6, 2014


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Blood drives are being held at high schools throughout the county this week on behalf of the American Red Cross.

Sarah Doak and Eileen Patton may be sitting in the Caribou High School gym, but they’re still learning some important life lessons. The importance of giving back. By organizing this blood drive for the American Red Cross, the Caribou Student Council is not only giving back to the community they all live in…but gaining a lot in the process. A feeling of accomplishment for all the work they’ve done.

“We’ve been doing this for a few years now and its really good opportunity to get kids involved in the community and have them see what a difference they can make even though we still are youth,” says Doak.

Eileen Patton adds “my friend’s mother she was in the hospital one time and she was losing blood rapidly and a donor saved her life and that’s why its important because you may not know whose life you’re saving but you are saving lives.” Craig Babin is the Team Supervisor of the American Red Cross and says “young students up here know what we do and they’re always very helpful with everything we do they’re actually part of our success because of their help we can do what we need to do.” “Community Service has become a critical component of a curriculum that’s well rounded. Students realize that a good education includes being a good person,” says Clara Collins a Caribou HS Student. “We never know when we’re gonna be the one that needs blood or a family member needs blood and so just to be able to help and see a difference that it can make,” says Mark Jones, the Principal of┬áCaribou High School. “They have such enthusiasm to get started with this, they start it from the ground up, plan it and recruit kids to give blood its just one of the big pieces we see where there’s several ways to benefit your community through the schools,” says Taylor Thibodeau another Caribou HS Student. “I thought this is a great way to give back, good charity its free, its easy to do the experience is great I had a lot of people telling me that I should so,” adds Michael Marquis another┬áCaribou HS Student. “It pulls us all together so that we can help each other and one donation saves three lives so its good for us to get involved and try to help everyone out.” And that’s a life lesson these kids are SCHOOLING the next generation on.


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