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County Meth Arrest

| October 3, 2013

Meth Bo

An Oakfield man has been arrested on charges of aggravated trafficking in methamphetamine.

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency arrested 26 year old Bo Branscombe of Oakfield.

Drug agents recently opened an investigation into Branscombe after getting information of alleged manufacturing of methamphetamine by him as he was driving around Oakfield in his light blue Ford Escort.  MDEA had alerted other police departments in Aroostook County to watch for the car.

On Tuesday afternoon, State Police located Branscombe and his vehicle traveling through Oakfield and stopped his car. Found inside was a significant amount of material consistent with the manufacture of meth. Branscombe was taken into custody and transported to the Aroostook County Jail. His vehicle was seized and towed to a secure location in Houlton.

On Wednesday, the MDEA lab team, comprised of specially trained agents, assisted by chemists from Maine’s Health and Environmental Testing Lab, searched the car and found a significant amount of evidence supporting the allegation that Branscombe intended to, or was actively involved in the manufacture of methamphetamine.  The hazardous materials, which can be explosive, were turned over to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection for disposal, other than what was needed for testing.  The Houlton Fire Department also assisted as the car was being searched..

Branscombe made an initial court appearance on Oct. 2. Bail was set at $5000 and he remains in the Aroostook County Jail. The charge was elevated to a class A felony due to a prior felony methamphetamine possession conviction by Branscombe.

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