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County Folks Give Mixed Reviews About Beneath The Harvest Sky

| April 29, 2014

HarvestSky from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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County folks are giving mixed reviews on the movie shot and set in Van Buren. They’ve been going to watch Beneath the Harvest Sky in Houlton and Caribou since it came out on Friday and walking out of the theatre with an opinion.

“I went on Facebook after I saw it and I said ‘go see it,” said Kimberly Pratt.

“I think there’s some people that come in not knowing actually what the film is, they may leave a little disappointed,” said Temple Theatre manager Patrick Blanchette.

Blanchette says the language and content surprised people. The movie tells the story of two best friends during their harvest break – one is drawn into smuggling prescription drugs across the border with his father, the other works the fields with dreams of getting away and moving on towards a better future. A three year project for filmmaker Aron Gaudet and his wife Gita Pilapully. Gaudet calls it a gritty drama that is based off of real stories they were told by the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, farmers, teachers, and kids themselves.

“To us, it’s putting a spotlight and saying ‘hey there is a social issue that maybe we can talk about and we can address and it doesn’t have to be a negative like that’s what everybody’s doing, that’s what happens in any rural areas,” said Gaudet.

“I feel like it showed a reality that people might not necessarily wanna see but that exists,” said Pratt.

On Monday night, folks in Houlton had the chance to ask questions to Gaudet after watching the film. People asked about his inspiration for the film, why Van Buren, and how many of the actors were local.

Gaudet says they’ve had packed screenings in other parts of the state as well – and people have loved its authenticity.

“The storyline was captivating and intense and kept you thinking throughout the movie..I absolutely loved it,” said Dixie Shaw of Presque Isle.

The movie is playing through May 8th in Caribou and Houlton.

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