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County Christmas camaraderie

| December 21, 2013


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Around the Holidays people get into the spirit of giving back, and that was the case throughout the County on Saturday- with not just one event of charity- but 3! News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos has more on the County Christmas camaraderie…

Members of the Presque Isle Kiwanis Club were busy preparing Christmas baskets with foods like vegetables, pasta, crackers, jelly, peanut butter, potatoes, and candy.

Co-chair of the Kiwanis Community Christmas Basket project John Graves said, “It adds a nice Christmas dinner plus a few extras for the holiday season that typically is a stressful time for some people.”

Hundreds of food items were prepared by the Presque Isle Kiwanis Club to feed over 100 families in need of extra help. But it’s not the only act of Christmas camaraderie in the County. Over in Caribou the Caribou Fire & Ambulance Toy Project involved over 2500 toys for young girls and boys! From bicycles to dolls, to stuffed animals- you name it!

Chairman of the Caribou Fire & Ambulance Toy project Michael Divito said, “It’s very rewarding, you know that some kids that are a little less fortunate are able to get a gift to open on Christmas and still experience the joy for the holiday season.”

Over in Limestone at the St. Louis Catholic Church Rotarians gave out boxes with full course meals inside: bread, milk, turkey, the works!

President of the Limestone Rotary Club Michael Cyr said, “We’re giving out approximately 120 boxes, which is about 30 more than last year, so it goes to show you that the need is out there. Just to see the peoples faces when they come in and get the boxes some of them pretty much have tears in their eyes cause they’re just struggling and they need food.”

What do all three events have in common? The County feeling of fellowship in community.

“The County is very giving the people in the County are above and beyond the rest of the country,” said Cyr.

And that’s what makes Christmas charity events like these, possible. The Presque Isle Kiwanis Community Christmas basket project, Caribou Fire & Ambulance Toy Project, and the Limestone Rotarians donating food boxes is all due in part to the support of the community through fundraisers and donations.

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