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County ATV Trails Will Open Later this Season

| May 2, 2014

TrailUpdate from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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It could be a month before ATV enthusiasts can get out on the trails here in the county. They may look good on the outside, but we’re told once you get into the woods, many of them are still full of snow.

“Here in town there’s not a whole lot of snow on the trails so its kind of a false ‘oh no they’re looking good’…when you get out of town, there’s still a lot of snow pack on the trails,” Hewitt said.

Washburn ATV Club President Roger Hewitt is one of many itching to get out there, but he says right now they’ve posted May 30th as an opening date. Hewitt says they are running late this year, as last year they opened on the 10th. He’s already seen one or two sets of ATV tracks on the trails – and is asking people to stay off.

Hewitt said, “if you go and ride it and you cause ruts, we have to concentrate on fixing those before we can go to our regular would just help us out a lot”

Recent rain has also beat up some of the trails in the area, flooding did damage to a culvert in Washburn a few weeks ago. Some trails are even without bridges.

“There are several clubs that have lost bridges in the last bout of flooding and there are some clubs that there are still trails that are inaccessible so for them to get out they cant even do that,” said Mazzuchelli.

Caribou Parks and Recreation superintendent¬†Kathy Mazzuchelli was down in Augusta on Thursday meeting with the Maine State Trails advisory committee – she said there’s not a trail open in the state. And it will stay that way until we get some warm weather and rain to get the frost out of the ground.

“This is a tough time..its tough for baseball players..they wanna get on the field..its just tough..we’re gonna have to be a little bit patient,” she said.

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