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County Athletes Prepare for USA Games

| May 21, 2014

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The basketball season continues for three members of the Aroostook Snowdogs and their coach Brian Hamel. Rene Cloukey talked to the members of the team as they prepare for the USA Games Special Olympics event in New Jersey

Coach Brian Hamel and his players Tasha Flaherty, Phil Hanson and Austin Hanson are talking about the upcoming Special Olympics National event in New Jersey. The three players also worked with Hamel on plays they recently learned at a training camp

Phil Hanson:” We did plays set plays and worked on defense.:

Austin Hanson:” Getting to meet the other teammates and practicing with them. It was fun.”

Hamel who is coaching the Maine team at the event said that State Officials were very impressed with the local players.

Hamel:”They are a great part of the team on the way home we were driving back five hours. I got a call from Mark Capano who works with Special Olympics and is the Head of Delegation. He just wanted to thank me for bringing the three Snowdogs down and what a great addition they are to Team Maine.”

It’s under a month to the big event and the players admit they will have some butterflies

Flaherty:” It’s going to be fun but is also going to be nerve racking. I will be nervous.”

Austin Hanson:” It’s going to be fun. Nerves are going to get to us I think, but hopefully we win and keep up the good work.”

The trip will be very busy for the athletes and coaches

Hamel:” It’s about a ten day trip we leave on June13th to head to Princeton New Jersey. We will be there for until the 21st. We will be there quite a bit of time. We are busy the whole time we have our games and practices but we also have Opening Ceremonies and Closing Ceremonies. They also have social activities for Athletes and Coaches to part in.”

The players goal is to keep winning and bring home another Gold Medal. Rene Cloukey News Source Sports


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