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Council Tells Bou’s Brew Pub Owners to Make Action Plan With City

| April 8, 2014

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After hearing concerns from law enforcement, residents, and neighboring businesses about Bou’s Brew Pub, city councilors have told owners of the bar in downtown Presque Isle that they need to come up with a plan of action if they want to stay in business. The bar’s owner Kylie Oliveira ¬†understands.

“We don’t want to lose the heart and the passion that we have into this, what we believe in, but we do have to work on organizing the way it’s run,” she said.

Oliveira says they’ve set up a meeting with the police chief, the fire chief, and the city manager for Wednesday morning to work on the plan.

She said, “it’s what’s good for the city..what do they want from us? What do they need from us? Was there something we didn’t realize they wanted or needed?”

Police Chief Matt Irwin is looking forward to working on these issues with the pub staff.

He says, “certainly the amount of fights, the amount of disturbances we have out of there is important…but also their relationship with the community.”

Oliveira says along with working with the city to make sure they meet their requirements, the bar is in the process of making other changes – restructuring management, and relocating..they’re hoping to rent from the VFW in Presque Isle in June if not earlier.

“Trying to make things happen as quick as possible, to get out of everybody’s hair that its bothering them..and really just move forward, because if we don’t have to give up now, we’re not going to give up,” she said.

City Manager Jim Bennett tells NewSource 8 that the pub’s liquor license and special permit for music and entertainment both expire this Thursday. Bou’s will come back to the city council on the 21st to present their action plan and the council will review it, and make a decision about where they go from there.

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