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Community Support Local Athlete Competing in the 2014 Olympics

| January 26, 2014


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From Caribou High School Athlete to Olympic Athlete.  Russell Currier has worked hard over the years to get to where he is now.

“When he got into it, all of a sudden he really took off with it and it just seemed like he was a different kid. He just found something that he loved, and he wanted to do it more than anything,” said Russell’s mom Debbie Currier.

“We’ve known he could do it for a long time,” added Russell’s dad Chris Currier.

Russell will be competing as part of the US Olympic Biathlon team. Tom Campbell is the Currier’s neighbor. He told us Russell has been dedicated from a young age.

“From Russell’s house down to the school there is a small trail there and I’ve maintained that quite a few years. While he was in elementary school, I think it was three years in a row that he skied to school every single day when there was snow on the ground.”

Community members came out to Caribou High School on Sunday to not only celebrate Russell’s accomplishments, but to raise money for his family, so they can see him as he competes.

Donations were collected at the Caribou High school cafeteria door, as community members filed in. Spaghetti was served in honor of the Olympian.

“It just shows the community’s support for a family that has something special that’s happening to them,” said Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Caribou High School David Wakana.

“Russell, Snowy mountain trails and Donna and I wish you only the best there.  Whatever happens, enjoy it and it’s a part of your journey. We will see you when you get back home,” said Tom Campbell.


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