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Community Leaders Give Back During Easton High School Career Day

| March 31, 2014


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Community leaders who are Easton alumni shared their stories of success with high school students as part of the Easton High School Career Day. Shawn Cunningham reports.

What these Easton kids want to be when they grow up is anyone’s guess. The world is open to many job opportunities. They’re hearing that first hand from these successful alumni who’ve come back to the high school for this career day to share their insights on career success and the paths they took in getting there. Kevin Marquis is the Easton FFA Advisor and organizer of the career day and says “Easton is a unique educational experience and now they get to hear from people that came here that have gone through the same expeirence that they’re going through and where it has landed them in the workforce.” “It allows them to gain perspective sometimes you sit in these seats during high school and you don’t have an idea of what you wanna do when you grow up and we’re to tell you some of us didnt’ either we’ve been through tried different things and we finally got to a place where we realize this is what we want to do,” adds Ryan Lamoreau a presenter for the Career Day Presenter who works at MMG Insurance.

Marquis says an even more important message presenters doll out is to encourage youth to stay in school, stick with getting good grades and being confident that what they’re learning in class right now…will make a difference in their lives later on.

“They don’t realize some of the things they’re being taught that they really think is a real pain and why do I need to know this but when they get to the college classroom or the workplace they realize that ok, wait a minute that’s why the teacher wanted me to know this,” says Marquis.

And kids are getting that message and excited to have interacted with so many community leaders.

Jacob Coffman, an Easton High School Student says “I thought it was pretty interesting, the guy in there IT, I mean that’s a lot of money if you can get into that kind of stuff  but you have to know the information, he was explaining its really complicated.” Shawn White, another Easton High School Student says “I thought it was pretty interesting talked about the money and how much you would make in the IT field.”

Student Abigail Currier adds”We learned a lot about different careers and like where you should go to college and if its right for you.”

Macey Currier Easton High School Student adds “I thought it was interesting I got to learn a lot about what it would be like to get that certain job and it makes me look forward to my future to look at the things and the opportunities I’ll have.”

Its provides a deeper insight…an education no book can offer.

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