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Community helps out at Balloon Launch

| September 13, 2013


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Jonathan Trappe’s balloon took off right from this field behind me and along side him.. Over 100 volunteers who made this possible. ┬áMost of these volunteers worked from 9 o’clock wednesday night until the launch 6 o’clock thursday morning and the work was not easy..

Kathy Mazzuchelli a volutneer tells us, “it was very labor intesive, but I did not see any of those people grunting or groaning or ugh..i mean they were in and out to go to the bathroom, drinking water, eating bananas and going right back there to get another balloon and bring it over so it was really pretty, it was fun.

Kevin McCartney says, “the county can be depended upon, and to assist and if this is to be accomplished again it will be here in northern maine”

Mazzuchelli added,”as tired as we all were, everybody still remained pretty light hearted and I know today, the buzz is, if he were to come back let us get a little sleep..but then we would do it all over again…”

Lack of sleep and labor intesive work, clearly did not stop any of the volunteers that took part in the launch..Excitement was not the only benefit, economical benefits were gained as well.

“there was hundreds of thousands of dollars brought into the community by this venture from both him and the people that were on his team.” Says Mazzuchelli.

Trappes trip to Caribou brought volunteers with no prior balloon experience together with a crew who are very skilled in this area.. None the less everyone learned something new and it really created a sense of community.

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