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Communities React To Jesse Marquis Capture

| June 9, 2014


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While Jesse Marquis remains in jail, a community that’s been through a week of uncertainty…and tension…can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Shawn Cunningham reports.

Peace and quiet outside Amy Theriault’s home.

A far cry from just seven days ago and all the chaos and commotion of police and invesitgators trying to piece together what led to Theriault’s murder…and mainly the whereabouts of her alleged murderer 38 year old live in boyfriend Jesse Marquis. Thanks to the vigilance of police, Marquis has been found, is in their custody and a community can rest easier.”

Hilton Hafford is an Allagash Resident and says “I’m glad he was found sorry, disappointed that any of this happened and this should have never been.” “Everyone’s relieved surprised that he was found in the area so close by but we’re all relieved, think people can start healing,” says Darlene Dumond, another Allagash Resident. Faye O’Leary Hafford another Allagash Resident added “Everybody’s been feeling terrible and nervous.”

Residents say the shock and disbelief that a murder and massive manhunt like this could have occurred in quiet peaceful St. Francis. The week’s events haven’t worn off and won’t for some time. Especially when many knew the victim, her two young daughters and Marquis, a school bus driver and head custodian for the elementary school.

Caryl O’Leary, a St. Francis Resident says “I knew Jesse but not the Jesse that did this.”

The search for Marquis lasted throughout the week including the wooded areas near Theriault’s home. More than three dozen search crews of local and state police, game wardens and search dogs worked day and night to find Marquis. Now that he is found, residents say a sense of peace might return..but not for everyone. And certainly not for Amy Theriault.

SC: “were you scared this week?”

Faye O’Leary Hafford Allagash Resident

“not really afraid but I locked my door at night and don’t usually lock my door but I had to.”

Dumond adds “it was a whole week of a series of events that happened here that we hope we won’t have to expeirence again ever.”

SC: Will it ever get back to normal?

Hilton Hafford

“oh it will take a long time for sure, everybody will remember this for a long time.”


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