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Comedy Series collaboration in the County

| April 3, 2014


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They say that laughter is the best medicine, And if you’re in need of some comedic relief you may be in luck! There’s a push to get more comedy in the County, and as News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports, if you don’t believe it- JOKES ON YOU!

Comedy in the County, it’s no joke! The Caribou Performing Arts Center and Houlton Community Arts Center have teamed up to get more stand-up-comedy acts to the area.

Marketing & Promotion of the Caribou Performing Arts Center Richard Ezzy said, “Kind of thing that appeals to young people, old people, everything in between, so we think it’s a good place to combine our efforts and to try to bring more to Aroostook County.”

And with 2 floors of seating and over 600 seats in Houlton and over 800 in Caribou there’s plenty of space. It’s all part of a comedy series collaboration, to get different performers up to the County.

Managing Director of the Houlton Community Arts Center Kristen Wells said, “It’s not easy for acts especially from out of Maine to make the trip so by bringing in Caribou as a partner we can sell it as a double act.”

In fact, there’s a double act this weekend! Former Mainer and Deputy turned Comedian Juston McKinney is performing Friday night in Houlton and Saturday in Caribou.

Comedian Juston McKinney said,  “I spent 7 years as a Deputy Sheriff in rural York County, Maine so the tour I’m doing is called deer, moose, ticks, and hicks. Real stories of the rural patrol.”

The comedy series lineup is coming along nicely with scheduled acts for the weekend, as well as May and June.

“They’ve done studies that the more you laugh the longer you live, so if you wanna live long I mean show up,” said McKinney.

Tickets cost $15 in advance and $20 at the door. More information on upcoming acts is available at and

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