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Collins Rows for Georgetown

| August 26, 2013


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Caribou’s Laura Collins was an outstanding high school athlete She finished second twice in the overall Class B State Ski races. .. She made it to the State Tennis Championships three times. Collins was also a member of the Vikings Eastern Maine Championship soccer team.  She now competes in a completely different sport at Georgetown University. Collins is a member of the University’s rowing team . She said that joining the team was not something she had thought about until a coach approached her.

Collins ” Its actually a funny story. I was coming out of lunch and the rowing coach came up to me because she noticed me as being taller than anyone else.  She said did you ever hear of rowing have you thought about it and I said no not really. i went to the team meeting thinking I would give it a shot. A nice way to meet new people and an activity to be involved in. I always loved team sports and thought it would be fun.”

Collins is a member of the 8 person crew .  New rowers are called novices and Collins remembers the first time she stepped into the boat after dry land training.

Collins ” I didn’t even know what to do with the blade and were all  running into each other. I have great coached and it takes some time, but by the time we got to the spring  everybody was in sync with each other.”

She will be entering her junior year at Georgetown and she says is loving her experience she calls rowing the ultimate team sport

Collins” It takes teamwork to a whole new level. In soccer we are communicating yes, but here you really have to be completely in snyc with the person in front of you and behind you. We always talk about boat feel and feeling your teammates you really have to be in tune with each other.

Collins was named Mid Atlantic Second team last year. She said the team had a great fall season, but struggled in the spring

Collins ” Our fall season has the longer races with six k’s and we did very well. We were beating a lot of teams that we had hoped to.  We didn’t do as well in our spring season.  In our Big East Championship the final race of the season, we had a rough race. We are looking forward to the upcoming season. We are a young team and have a lot of young rowers and we are excited.

Collins and her teammates practice on the Potomac and the Caribou native says that is quite an experience

Collins “It’s amazing we get to row right by the Washington Monument and the Kennedy Center being in DC has been a great experience and on the Potomac has made it even better.

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