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College Grads Begin Job Search, Experts Offer Advice

| May 19, 2014

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The job search is on for Josh MacKinnon and Luke Bartlett — both of whom graduated from the University of Maine at Presque Isle this past weekend.

When MacKinnon was asked when he wants a job by, he replied, “tomorrow. Tomorrow would be nice. No, but realistically, within the month.”

One wants to be a Phys. Ed. teacher, the other an athletic trainer. They say no matter the major, they and many of their peers are starting to feeling the pressures of landing that first job.

“When you graduate from HS you pretty much know where you’re going you’re going to college or getting a job when you graduate from college its what’s next? So I’d say there’s a lot of anxiety,” said Bartlett.

Jenna Spoto is a consultant at the Career Center in Presque Isle — one of the many resources available for recent grads. She says one of the BEST things a job seeker can do is have an eye catching resume.

“People go back more than ten years and they tend to not highlight what they have to offer – the ultimate question an employer wants answered is, ‘why should I hire you?’ And you have to tell them that in the first 10-15 seconds of them looking at your resume,” she said.

Just to give you an idea of the competition grads are facing, Easton Superintendent of Schools Roger Shaw says they recently filled two elementary teaching positions but had about 25 people apply. Shaw says it’s a tough time in education, but a few things that impress him…punctuality, dressing well, complete but brief answers..and most of all…confidence.

“The best way to sell themselves is number one, have a product that is worth me taking a good hard look at, or the interview team, and number two being confident that they can do the job that they’re applying for,” said Shaw.

And if a potential candidate just wants to introduce him or herself, a quick introductory e-mail wouldn’t hurt. Spoto adds that if you don’t get the job you want right away, don’t be afraid to take a job outside your field to build your skills and build a network.


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