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Cold Weather Freezing Out Maine Firewood Suppliers

| January 24, 2014


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Some firewood dealers say they fear being given the cold shoulder by their customers. The cold weather has a put a strain on their ability to keep up with customers’ growing demands for more wood to heat their homes. But one dealer isĀ determined to keep the embers of his business burning.

Lucas Sterris and Kyle Bell are cutting these wood blocks for an afternoon delivery to residents in Washburn. The two man operation of S&D Firewood get started bright and early at 6 am every morning…sorting through wood piles, cutting wood and making deliveries. Customer calls for wood have been nonstop. So deliveries have to be made. “People are calling everyday because the cold weather is putting a damper on their wood supply and there’s not that many people around here that do it so I brave the cold everyday and keep the customers of Central Aroostook warm, ” says Sterris.

But Sterris admits his having ENOUGH WOOD has been a challenge in the past two months. People don’t want to hear about low wood supplies. To keep them from taking business elsewhere, Steris has had to CUT THE CORDE in the way he’s always done business and forge new partnerships.

SterrisĀ  says “Its a challenge to find wood, my normal supplier he’s cutting soft wood right now because the cold weather it limbs good so the hard wood they’re not cutting it right now but I found a gentleman there in Ashland that’s hauling me down some wood there, he brought me a load there the other day and I’m cutting on that.”

Firewood dealers say they’re experiencing low wood piles because of the cold weather that set in over the past two months. People have been using more wood to heat their homes and thus creating a quick turnover and need for resupply from dealers. Maine is a cold weather state, so chilly temps are something firewood dealers have to deal with…small operations like S&D firewood have had to WEATHER the winter and be creative in supplying the demand for wood. Sterris says he sells between 5-6 hundred cordes of wood a year. FOR HIM, the cold temps might be a challenge…putting a small damper on his business from season to season. But he’s determined to see it through, WEATHER any changes so he won’t be out in the cold…except for when he has to. “I don’t have a large money supply I pay as I go trying to survive is the number one priority right now,” adds Sterris.


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