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Cold Temperatures Have Slowed Syrup Production

| March 21, 2014

MAPLE SYRUP from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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It’s maple syrup time, and this weekend at Bradbury Maple Farms, you can get a taste of just that.

But since its been so cold this year, they haven’t been able to collect that much sap.

“Of course the weather is the basic factor in maple syrup because we’ve got to have warm days and cold nights. It should get up to at least 40 to 45, and at nighttime it should get down around 20, in order to have an ideal sap day,” says Co-Owner Boyd Bradbury.

Boyd says, thankfully, they had plenty left over from last year!

“Last year out of 3,000 trees we got 42,000 gallons of sap,” says Boyd.

Boyd’s wife Charlene says she’s been hard at work turning syrup into sweet treats.

“I make all the by-products. The syrup is made in other buildings, and then it’s brought in here, and I turn the sugar into syrup, candy, suckers, cream, jelly, taffy,” says Charlene.

“People think you know, you see a bottle of syrup on the shelf, there’s not much work to it. But after they come here and see everything, and how you tap the trees and everything they really realize how much work is in it,” says Boyd.

The Bradbury’s are working hard to prep for this weekend when the state celebrates Maine Maple Sunday.

“Hopefully it’ll be warm enough and the sap will be running and they’ll be able to see the evaporator going,” says Charlene

Boyd says the maple season usually runs through mid-April, so he says there’s still plenty of time for warmer temps and a solid maple season.

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