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Citizens Hope to Bring Amphitheater to Edmundston

| March 4, 2014

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A big time project is happening in Edmundston. Citizens are working to bring an amphitheater to the city. It’ll be built on the campus shared by three area schools – and will be a venue for sports, concerts, and other major events.

“It is the missing piece of the puzzle to the great infrastructure we already have in place with the pool, with the small and large gymnasiums, and we believe that with that infrastructure now that would be complete and quite an offering and an envy,” says project committee member Don Belanger.

This new amphitheater will replace the forum that was demolished about 12 years ago. The project was recently accepted by the city council. It’s one mayor Cyrille Simard is excited about.

“This project of a community amphitheater is something inspiring, that’s what I hear in the community,” said Simard.

Simard says the project won’t be without its challenges – its going to cost 21 million dollars, so they’ve got a lot to raise, but he sees this as a huge driver for economic development.

“A community amphitheather of that scope is something that from what I hear from the citizens down on the ground is badly needed in order for us to get more tourists,” said Simard.

Belanger says they’re currently looking for partners to jump on board with this project. It is one he really wants to make happen…he holds fond memories at the old forum, and wants kids in the future to have what he had.

Belanger: “It would just be giving back what I received at my earlier days in this city and it would be a great feeling.”

The goal is to have the amphitheater built in 2015 and 16, for a grand opening in 2017.

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