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Christmas Bird Count takes place in Caribou Saturday

| January 4, 2014


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Over in Caribou on Saturday temperatures dipped down to a bone chilling negative 25 degrees; but that didn’t stop the Aroostook Birders from taking part in the annual Christmas Bird Count tradition. New Source 8’s Angela Christoforos joined in too…

The Aroostook Birders armed with binoculars searched high and low; spotting different species of birds.

President of the Aroostook Birders Bill Sheehan said, “These are the real hearty birds we got about probably about 20 species that we’ll find today. Right here at the river one of the few places where there’s any open water left we’ve got a couple common golden eye ducks certainly pigeons, doves, bluejays.”

And to get a good look of birds that are at a far away distance, they used a spotting telescope to get a close up view of birds up to a quarter mile away. And despite temperatures dipping down to as low as negative 25 degrees; quite a few were out and about. Over at the Caribou dam fog made it a little tricky to spot birds; but on top of the Holy Rosary Church in Caribou birds of a feather flock together! This annual census of wintering birds always takes place sometime between mid December and the first week of January. And it’s not just in Aroostook County; thousands of them take place across the country!

Vice President of the Aroostook Birders Russell Mount said, “Birds are pretty fascinating and they’ve been fascinating to humans for centuries.”

The Aroostook Birders census a circle 15 miles in diameter that spans Caribou and goes all the way over to Limestone, Woodland, and Connor. An annual tradition that’s sure to take place for years to come. The Christmas Bird count is sponsored by the National Audubon Society. One is also held in Presque Isle every year as well.

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