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Childhood Trauma

| August 8, 2013

Childhood Trauma from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Trauma is an overwhelming experience that can interfere with the way children grow, learn and behave. Some traumatic events are obvious. Others are less clear.

More than 40 people came out to this training seminar geared towards those who work and interact with kids. They were there to learn about childhood exposure to violence and trauma.

Allegra Hirsh-Wright is an implementation coordinator. ” So, we’re really talking about any kind of trauma. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, witnessing domestic violence, a car accident.”

Those attending the training session were told of resources to help them spot the signs of childhood trauma.

Wright adds, “So, the ultimate goal is to really raise education and awareness about what trauma looks like so, that when people that are working with kids recognize the signs and the symptoms, they know that that’s what they’re looking at and then they have a next step of where they can send kids for further help and further resources.”

AMHC’s Director of Behavioral Health Services, Peter McCorison explains the importance of the training.

“Children in Aroostook County and throughout Maine and the U.S. Are impacted by trauma, physical, sexual or emotional trauma really on a daily basis and it’s important to get the information that there are some really effective interventions.”

McCorison goes on to say these interventions can have a positive, long-term effect on a child. The training session was funded through a grant, which McCorison says has a two-fold purpose. One, to train clinician in providing treatment for children.

“And then the second part of the grant is to mobilize the community. And so, people can become more aware of how trauma impacts kids, but then also be able to identify it.”

Training sessions were also held in Fort Kent and Houlton.

McCorison says an advisory group is being developed and will meet on Oct. 4th at AMHC in Houlton. If you would like to be a part of this advisory group, contact Peter McCorison at AMHC at 498-6431.

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