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Changes to Start the Year for the Madawaska School Department

| August 21, 2013

Mad interim from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Day one of the new school year for students at Madawaska Middle High School. A year that’s beginning with changes in the school department. Last week they lost two members of the school committee – and this week they welcomed an interim superintendent.

“I would describe myself as a problem solver. I like solving problems,” says interim superintendent Ginette Albert.

Ginette Albert has taken on the responsibility of interim superintendent while the department looks for a replacement for Terry Wood – who resigned a few weeks ago. Albert worked within the Madawaska School Department for over 25 years before her retirement at the end of the last school year. Over the course of that time she held various teaching positions, worked as a literacy specialist, and as a principal.

Albert says, “Madawaska is going through tough times. The community is going through tough times. I live and breathe this community, I’ve been here my whole life so I understand the problems.”

(VO) While she’s in the superintendent’s seat – which she agreed to do until January 1st – her main priority is the budget – which she hopes to finalize within the next week. News Source 8┬átalked to school committee chairman Roger Thibodeau on the phone – who said Albert is a very smart lady with a great amount of experience and knowledge. And he thinks she’ll do a great job. Thibodeau also said that the school department is working to fill the positions on the school committee. Yves Dube and Walter Desrosier handed in their resignations – both for professional reasons – both were unable to go on camera but told News Source 8 that they were frustrated by the influence of outside forces on the school committee. Thibodeau says they already have some potential candidates to take their places – and they’re hoping to have a full time superintendent by October.

Albert says, “It is an excellent system and I think the person that’s stepping in has to have that in mind that we’ve got to make sure that our education is not hurting that we’re offering the best that we can for our students being fiscally sound at the same time.”

Albert plans to give the school committee the first look at her proposed budget on Thursday.

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