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Ceremonies Held in The County to Honor Veterans

| November 11, 2013

Vets Day PKG from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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They’re the truest of heroes…and all across the country, ceremonies were held in their honor. Here in the county, people gathered at the Northern Maine Veterans Cemetery in Caribou to thank, praise, and remember our nation’s veterans.

Veteran Leo Kieffer says, “as far as I’m concerned it’s primarily for those that gave their all, gave their lives..the rest of us, we’re lucky we’re still here.”

November 11th is a day set aside in which we not only express our gratitude to our veterans, but to their families as well…It’s meant to be a solemn day as we remember that freedom doesn’t come free.

“We’re remembering those that have passed the last year we’ve lost 5 of our veterans in the last four months,” says Air Force Veteran Russell Sampson.

In Fort Fairfield folks from both sides of the border came together not only to say thank you, but to be a part of the groundbreaking of a new veterans memorial next to the VFW. A project that’s been in the works for about a year now…and one the community is passionate about.

Kevin Pelletier of Fort Fairfield says ” it’s important to remember the men and women that never made it back home…and the ones that did make it back home, live with these wars all their lives.”

The memorial should be done by next Veterans Day. It’s going to have ten flags honoring each branch of service, seven monument stones, and in front of those, an area of brick pavers with veterans names on them.

John Holschuh: “I want the younger generation to come to this memorial, look down on the ground and see that brick paver, and say that’s my uncle, that’s my grandfather, that’s my father, that’s my mother..”

On this day, and every day we honor those veterans past, present, and future.

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