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Central Aroostook Association Christmas Party held at Presque Isle VFW

| December 6, 2013


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Christmas is less than 20 days away and many Christmas celebrations are already well underway. Today the Presque Isle VFW was the place to be; it’s where the Presque Isle ATV club hosted it’s annual Christmas party for adults with disabilities from the Central Aroostook Association.

DSP of the Central Aroostook Association Jody Shaw said, “They’re all smiles all day long and they look forward to this all week long all month long as soon as Christmas comes around Christmas time they’re like when’s the Christmas dance?”

The Christmas party sponsored by the Presque Isle ATV club is held annually for adults in the Central Aroostook Associaton day program with disabilities ranging from down syndrome to Alzheimer’s.

Volunteer Wendy Gilbert said, “They’re special in their own little way they love everybody I love them, everybody here that’s volunteering or works with them they love them too.”

Over 80 people came and they all agreed that dancing is the funnest part of the party.

Michelle Dyer said,  “DANCING! The music part!”

Travis Caron said, “I like a good time.”

Kent Stevens said, “I like to talk to friends.”

Shaw said, “It’s not about their disabilities it’s just about a good group of people getting together and having fun.”

The Central Aroostook Association holds this Christmas party annually, and the Presque Isle VFW donated the space for the party held there on Friday.

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