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Celebration Held for The Quickly Approaching World Acadian Congress

| January 21, 2014


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“We are 199 days away from the beginning of the World Acadian Congress, the World Acadian Congress starts on August 8th and goes until August 24th,” President of Maine Region Coordinating Committee, George Dumond told us.

The CMA only comes around every five years, and this is the reason people came out to celebrate at Mont Farlagne on Monday night. It is the first year the event will be held in Aroostook County. Dumond says, economically it helps the regions drastically.

“Economically this is a big boost for all three of those regions again of Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec. It’s estimated to be worth somewhere in the vicinity of fifty million dollars, just for our region,”stated Dumond.

One group that is going to be incorporated into the festivities this year is the younger generations, as they take part in the only youth event in the CMA. The Grant Youth Rally incorporates the youth into the World Acadian Congress.  Coordinator of the Grand Youth Rally, Melanie-eve Vourque told us why this is so important.

“I think the youth is the next generation. ¬†They are going to take over when we are gone, so I think it is super important to create that bond between them. And that they can realize that, yeah I might have an accent, but my first language is french, so I should be proud of it.”

Alexis Cote is a student at Madawaska Middle-Highschool and will be partaking in the CMA 2014 Grand Youth Rally.

“I think it is very important for our youth especially in the valley to remain connected to our heritage and that we are Acadian. It is not something everyone in the US can say, or I’m sure that there are different cultures everywhere. But it is something that we need to be proud of so I think this CMA is an opportunity for us to be there and be a long with everybody else who shares the same interests as we are,” said Cote.

The CMA attracts people from all over the world. The event held on Monday was an extended invitation to gather together to celebrate the great efforts of volunteers have invested up to now, and to join hands and work together on the last stretch of the road to the World Acadian Congress.

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