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Casco Bay High School Students visit Aroostook County

| September 16, 2013

SCHOOLPKG916 from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Juniors from Easton High school visited Flewelling farm today, and along side them were Juniors from Casco Bay high school in Portland Maine. Casco Bay students are here as part of their expeditionary learning program lead by a teacher, who is also director of student life Scott Shibles. The program allows students to go out into the community and learn about the different subjects they want to study.

“they were interested in the topic, are there two Maine’s is there a big difference between northern and southern Maine and he said to his students, what better way than to actually go.” say’s Ellen Trask, a science teacher at Easton Junior/High School.

Shibles grew up in Aroostook county and wanted to show his students other parts of the state they may not have experienced, he say’s “maine is such a big state, and there seems to be a divide between northern and southern Maine, but I’ve also had a strong belief that kids are kids, and if we get them together there going to find commonalities between both groups..”

Some of the differences between the schools are that there are around 100 children who attend Easton Junior/Senior High School with 40 minute classes, and a little under 300 students who attend Casco Bay High school and they offer 90 minute classes.

Most students found that although size and location of there school might not be the same, as peers, they really aren’t that different.

Nate Red a student at Casco Bay High School said, “one of the students here, connor, who I met we learned that we have a ton in common together and that you know even though i’ve never met this guy prior to this thing, were pretty much the same.”

Oriana Smith a Casco Bay High School student said, “everyone has Facebook, everyone like has a snap chat.”

“There’s really not a difference between kids, I mean were all teenagers, were probably all going to have the same interests, which a lot of us do.” Added Kristen West an Easton High School student.

Students from Casco Bay High school were able to go out four wheeling as well as go to the Canadian border which many of them had never experienced.. In the spring, students from Easton High school will be traveling down to Portland to experience a day in the life of a Casco Bay student.

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