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Cary Medical Center to Transition to Natural Gas

| September 11, 2013

Cary Gas from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Cost-effective, good for the environment, and it’ll bring jobs to the area. Officials at Cary Medical Center are excited to announce that they’re transitioning from heating oil to natural gas.

Shawn Anderson, Cary’s┬áChief Operating Officer says, “It’s a clean source of fuel, it’s readily available, it’s a domestic source of fuel, and its going to represent substantial savings for us.”

250-thousand dollars a year to be exact. The hospital has been looking for an alternative heating solution for a good three years now. They’re going to be working wth Xpress Natural Gas out of Boston. He says this is a move a lot of hospitals are making – in fact, the Aroostook Medical Center made this move last year. Cary will realize their savings in about two and a half years – and Anderson says this 600-thousand dollar project will benefit patients as well.

“As we all know healthcare costs have been dramatically rising, ” Anderson says. “We do everything that we can to control those costs and saving 250-thousand dollars from our annual budget certainly goes a long way to help control those health care costs.”

The field on the East side of Cary’s campus is where they’re going to put the compressed natural gas station. And Anderson says this is a great location because of its proximity to the hospital and they really won’t have to do much prep work for the site.

Anderson says, “That space is adjacent to our existing boiler system which helps make this a’s gotta go somewhere, we have the space for it and its nearby.”

The majority of the work will be done by local contractors. Anderson says work on the project will begin in early October and he expects everything to be complete and fully functional by the end of November.

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