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Caribou Woman Competes on Jeopardy

| March 13, 2014

Albair from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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One of the county’s own was a contestant on an episode of Jeopardy that aired earlier this week.

“That was one of my things…I’ve always wanted to be on Jeopardy..and it was always just one of those things out there we all have…those things out there, I’ve always wanted to do this, I’ve always wanted to climb Mount Everest or whatever the desire or challenge is,” said Kirsten Albair of Caribou.

But it wasn’t until a little more than a year ago that Albair took the first step. An online test turned into an audition which turned into a very exciting phone call.

“He said..’well this is the call that you’ve been waiting for’..I mean it just seemed unreal,” she said.

Albair says she’s watched Jeopardy for as long as she can remember…and she’s always been interested in everything.

“When something catches my eye like at a doctor’s office or whatever, I’ll read anything..and file stuff away and the file drawers haven’t rusted shut yet so I’m able to retrieve some of that information,” she said.

And many of those people were thrilled to watch her compete. She posted a status to Facebook that got more than 70 likes – and a list of supportive comments, many people proud of the way she represented the county. But for her, this was about more than just being on a game show.

“It’s about finding the thing that you’ve always wanted to and you’ve put off doing and you hesitated or you’re afraid of failing or looking foolish or whatever, and you know what? Those things will never kill you,” she said. “I thought, ‘I’m not a spring chicken’ and ‘how much longer will I wait to do this kind of thing’?”

She may have not won the grand prize…but she’s crossed this experience off her bucket list – calling it one of the highlights of her life.

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