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Caribou Prepares for Track and Tennis Season

| April 1, 2014

SNOWWEB from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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There’s still a lot of snow throughout the County and most baseball and softball fields, tennis courts and tracks are still under more than 2 feet of snow. In Caribou  some volunteers are speeding up the melting process as they cleared the Caribou track and tennis courts.

Alden:”It’s really nice that Doug Plourde and Curtis Richards are able to come up and snow blow the track and tennis courts. They have done it now 3 times. It provides our students with an opportunity to get out and get onto the facilities a little bit sooner. It gives them the optimism that spring is just around the corner and that we will really will have a track season at some point this year.”

Plourde and  Richards assisting Mother Nature and they are confident the heat of the sun will start reflecting off the pavement and will speed up the melting process

Alden:” As soon as it gets melting on the pavement a little bit  and the snow gets back on the edge of  the grass it starts to go pretty quickly. Even though there’s 2 and a half to 3 feet or maybe even 4 feet of snow in some places. In a week or so we will be able to go out there and  do some workouts and do some drills.”

Heavy equipment students from the Caribou Regional Technology Center also lending a hand in moving snow from the jumping area.

Huston:” It’s part of the hands on experience at Caribou High School. The students are using heavy equipment to help to clear the snow for the Athletic Department.”

Alden and Huston agree that the cooperative effort is beneficial to everyone involved.

Alden: “We have been fortunate that Mr. Huston and the Vocational Students will help us out with fixing trials and clearing the snow and getting us into the maintenance buildings. It’s all a cooperative effort that provides an opportunity for our athletes to do the things they enjoy. doing

Huston: “A great help to the school and we are working together for the common interest of the students and the Athletic Department.


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