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Caribou Historical Center & Museum

| September 6, 2013

caribou museum from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Over ten thousand items on display…that’s what you’ll find at the Caribou Historical Center and Museum.  That’s a lot for one set of eyes but to point out something significant….President of the Caribou Historical society says,  “There’s a sample of a caribou Wooland mill, it was in the 1928 world fair, and it won first place and it came to caribou wooland mill.”

The Caribou Wooland Mill is no longer available but Brewer says people always look at it because of it’s history.  It’s not just interesting for visitors who’ll come to the museum for a look at all the items, sometimes there are programs for kids which gives them the opportunity to learn some of the history.

Bud Brewer says, “teachers will bring them out here and they could have a picnic here or they could head out to the trail and look at all the stuff they can actually sit here an hold a class.”

Catering to students and other groups is something the museum is for.  In fact, this barn has been open for about two years, it’s not only filled with artifacts and old machinery, soon it’s going to be the center of a special recognition.

“It’s just that we’re recognizing the people that helped finance that barn, and the people that gave us labor,” Brewer adds.

There will be party for that recognition this Saturday the 7th, where a special plaque will be presented to the contributors.

That recognition party will be held at the museum from 11am to 2pm.   Hours of the museum are 12 to 4 on Saturdays.

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