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Caribou Food Pantry In Need of More Food Donations

| December 18, 2013


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Despite this being the season of giving, a local food pantry remains in need of more donations. And one particular food condiment is at the top of the asking list.  Caribou Ecumenical Food Pantry Coordinator Jessica Feeley is filling out paperwork that will hopefully stock the Caribou Ecumenical Food Pantry with more volunteers. But in addition to people, what the pantry NEEDS EVEN MORE is food donations. “The need continues to grow its getting very cold out people have to make a decision between food, fuel, medications and where it gets so very cold food sometimes goes by the waste side and that can be very dangerous,” says Feeley. Feeley adds its been tough filling the growing demand for food in the six communities the pantry serves. They include Caribou, Connor Township, Perham, Wade, Washburn and Woodland. Even more difficult is turning away hungry folks from outlaying areas. She and her staff have eben had to cutback on some of the amount of food they give away. And one food item remains in demand, and is hard to keep regularly stocked. Surprisingly, its not bread, fruits or water. Its peanut butter. “We have a need for all year long is for peanut butter, children eat it and so do a lot of our seniors, they look at it as a commodity and they have that for dinner and they really look forward to having peanut butter. But peanut butter is expensive  I can’t always buy it from Good Shephard Food Bank,” says Feeley. And speaking of senior citizens, she says she’s seeing more and more of THAT particular population coming in to receive help. “We’re seeing senior citizens we’re also seeing grandparents who are raising grandchildren and last year about this time I had a senior couple come in and they were referred to us because they’re raising their great grandchildren so people are relying on extended family when they’ve got no other place to go.” But Feeley says people can always go or rather come to the pantry for help. She says the county is a very generous community that refuses to let neighbors go in need. She says the pantry is gladly accepting food donations on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7am to noon.

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