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Caribou Fire Department’s, “Learn not to Burn”

| May 16, 2014


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The Caribou Fire Department held their Spring Finale for Learn not Burn for kids Pre-K through 2nd grade.

“It’s a chance to do some hands on from what they learn at school. They get to practice stop drop and roll. We have a smoke trailer here that they get to practice crawling low and feeling a door that’s warm, and exiting through a window,” says Scott Jackson, firefighter and paramedic of the Caribou Fire Department.


This is the sound of a smoke detector. Jackson says smoke detectors are the most important part about fire safety and kids should know what it sounds like. They were able to be part of a mock fire drill where smoke filled a room and they had to escape through a window with the help of firefighters.

“Being in the EMS part of it, we see a lot of houses where the batteries are gone out of them. So when we teach it to the kids, we know it gets home because we see parents in town, and they ask us are you the ones who told the kids about the smoke detectors and the batteries, and it makes me happy because I know the kids are taking it home and the parents are also getting it. So we’re educating the public through the kids basically,” says Jackson.

The kids learned a lot about fire safety and what to do in case of a fire.

“You go down and crawl and you feel the door, if it’s hot you have to break the window, if it’s not hot it’s clear to go out the door,” says Kindergartner, Nolan Coon.

” I learned that if your clothes catch on fire, you stop drop and roll, and you don’t run,” says Kindergartner Delilah Chasse

The forestry department was also there to teach kids about fire safety outdoors and the kids even got a visit from Smokey the Bear himself. The day ended with some fun with the fire hose.

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