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Busy Weekend at Spud Speedway

| July 8, 2014

SPUDWEB from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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It will be a busy week at Spud Speedway in Caribou. Four days of events to celebrate the tracks 50th birthday. Events start on Thursday night with a bomber race and end on Sunday with a battle of the bands. Thursday night owner Troy Haney teams up with two area organizations to raise some much needed funds


Haney:”Here at the track we have done a lot of charitable and we wanted to have one as part of this celebration as well and we like the idea that Pink Aroostook and Aroostook Austism are two local groups where the money we raise will stay here locally. The bombers racers are out getting pledges for laps on the race and that money will all go to those groups.”

The Del Brissette team will run a special paint scheme featring pink and blue for Autism Awareness and Pink Aroostook Bethany Zell is the coordinator of Pink Aroostook which is an initiaitve of CAry Medical Center. Zell says that they will be raising additional funds by letting people take out their frustrations over the four day event.

Zell:” This car is going to be crush breast cancer car fundraiser for Pink Aroostook. We had the car donatedas well as the paint and the towling and some of the service work to remove all the dangerous parts. We did a community painting of this car at the Thursday on Sweden event. It’s a symbollic crush cancer event and we will be here all four days.”

Haney says that people can still enter a bomber car in the 100 lap event. the winner of the race will picket a thousand dollars

Haney:”They have to register Thursday night by 6pm right before the races. We will draw numbers and they will go out and have a hundred lap race. Pink Arostook group will be raising money and Aroostook Austim group will be selling tickets on a raffle for the September Loudon race.”

Events at the track will contniue all weekend long

Haney:” Friday night we have a monster truck show with six trucks including Maine’s own Crustacean who started his career here at Spud five years ago. Saturday night a 100 lap outlaw sportsman race with Bangor cars coming up and competing against ours. We will honor Chink Maynard and Donnie Alexander for getting inducted into the Hall of Fame.”



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