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Businesses Talk Loss Prevention And Theft Impact On Consumers

| December 19, 2013


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Theft incidents not only impact local businesses but can affect the consumer. Olde Rustic Attic business owners Paula Reynolds and her husband Steve say theft is an unfortunate reality they have to deal with as small business owners. In fact they just caught someone stealing merchandise from them a month ago, and had a unique way of handling the situation. They put the culprit on Facebook to get a positive ID. Paula says it was a hard decision but one that had to be made to recoup the loss. “It really did because it affects the family of the person who stole and I waited for over a month and kept waiting for her to come back in and she didn’t I wanted to find out who she was and where she was from and I haven’t pursued anything yet but that will be in the future,” says Reynolds. Reynolds says more businesses need to invest in surveillance cameras on site. Local law enforcement concur its one of the best ways to catch culprits stealing. Joey Seeley a Patrolman with the Presque Isle Police Department says “small businesses just put small items out there where people can’t be hidden and conceal items easily and if you have a surveillance system keep that up and running so that when you do have a theft its much easier to track the people doing this type of thing.” Reynolds says sadly its not only businesses who suffer a loss when criminals steal, but ultimately consumers. “If there is a lot of theft, prices go up and it doesn’t just affect the businesses it affects consumers because everything is costly,” says Reynolds. “Somebody has to pay for the loss product so if people are out there stealing in large amounts of items then obviously the prices go up for those items,” says Seeley. And both offer a final warning to possible perpetrators. “If you steal in the Oide Rustic Attic it will be caught on facebook,” says Reynolds. “You’re eventually gonna get caught, you may get away with it the first time or second time but you will eventually get caught,” says Seeley.


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