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Black Friday Shopping in Presque Isle

| November 29, 2013


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Big crowds outside Walmart aren’t messing around! They stood in the cold for hours just to be the first to score some… “Xboxes.”  “We’re gonna get some TVs.” “Xbox” “Everything… Everything?! Anything good is a good deal.”

It’s like a zoo of sorts, minus the animals– A stampede of shoppers!

Lisa Harvey, Shift Manager of the Walmart  in Presque Isle said, “We have thousands of people that come through every week but when you look at opening those doors and 15 to 16 hundred people coming through in one swoop that’s definitely a huge increase.”

And that’s because shoppers get some serious bang for their buck, saving up to half the price on some big ticket items!

Black Friday Shopper Logan Thomas said, “32 inch TV for my mother I guess…” ” So this is Christmas shopping?” ” Yup I just did her a favor and stood in the cold for 3 hours.”

One of the fastest sellers tonight was the 32 inch flat screen TV. At just $98, over 50 of them flew off the shelves within the first half hour. And being one of the first in line pays off- there’s a 1 hour in-stock guarantee for Walmart shoppers.

Assistant Manager at Walmart Bruce Burlock said, “Even if they don’t get the item in the first hour they can get the tag and get it through the register and pay for it there.”

But with all of the lines, waiting around, and the craziness- is it really worth it?

Black Friday Shopper Terry White said, “Sometimes yes actually sometimes it’s more than the deal sometimes it’s just the experience.”

Black Friday Shopper Denise Hatcher said,  “She wanted to come.. Not me!”

Walmart attracts thousands of shoppers with its door blockbuster deals, and running the Black Friday operation there takes some serious man power– over 130 Walmart employees as well as 2 police officers for added security.

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