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Bigrock Mountain Entity Now Has Full Ownership Over The Mountain

| November 15, 2013

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It’s not quite Christmas yet but Big Rock Mountain has received an early gift. The announcement comes after big fundraising efforts to keep the ski resort alive.

Bigrock Mountain Ski area in Mars Hill now has full assets over the Mountain. The Maine Winter Sports Center with support of the Libra Foundation is making the gift possible which allows the Bigrock recreational entity to serve the community on it’s own.

General Manager of Bigrock Mountain Bill Getman says, “Maine winter sports pumped a lot of money into it into our infrastructure, if and when we had a loss they would also cover it having said that, that’s now on us, so we have to do things a little bit differently and if we have a loss than we have to cover that loss.”

This means BigRock Mountain no longer has an official affiliation with the Maine winter sports center…. which President and CEO of Maine winter sports center says will allow Bigrock to run as it has been in the past.

President and CEO of Maine Winter Sports Center tells us that,  ” by a non profit volunteer board, it’ll be operated as a non profit organization with a mission to sustain Bigrock mountain as an economic engine in the region.”

In August, the Maine Winter Sports Center and the Libra Foundation pulled their funding from the mountain… and in order to stay open, big rock had to raise $300,000 overall. Fundraising by the group “friends of big rock” began raising money with an original goal of $150,000.

Getman says, “We’re also changing the business model and we’re also doing more things during the off season to help generate more revenue.”

Right now the community an be assured that Bigrock will be open for the season and the at least the next three years.

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