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Bigrock Extends Season

| April 9, 2014

bigrockextndweb from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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The late spring has been a real benefit for Bigrock in Mars Hill.  This year marks one of the latest closings ever for the ski area.

Getman:”The weather given to us has allowed us to open six extra days that we hadn’t planned on being open.

The General Manager says the decision to extend the season was an easy one to make

Getman:” We made the decision late last week. Skiers were still coming out and they expressed an interest that they wanted another week and we decided to accommodate them.”

This  has been a bonus week for the skiers. normally during the last two weeks of the year the hill is only open on weekends, but this year because of the response and the ski conditions the hill is open normal hours all this week and that means big rock is in select company.

Getman:” We are one of three areas in the State open today. Sunday River and Sugarloaf decided to follow our good lead.”

It’s been a good year at Bigrock and the six additional days make up for some lost days in January

Getman:” January was kind of brutal month for all of us in the ski industry. We lost some to cold and some to rain and this good weather and snow has allowed us to extend it and make those days up.”

Saturday the annual slush rush will be held and Sunday will mark the end of the season. It will be a bitter sweet day for many die hard skiers

Getman:” Skiers are ecstatic they are tired of snow but are glad we still have snow and  are open for skiing.”




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