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Big Rock Mountain “Slush Rush” marks end of Ski Season

| April 12, 2014


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Temperatures climbed into the 50’s on Saturday. It’s a sign of warmer days ahead, and also a bittersweet goodbye to this year’s ski season. Skiers ended the season with a bang at Big Rock Mountain this weekend, News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos has the story…

One by one Skiiers skimmed across this mini pond at Big Rock’s Slush Rush. So basically Big Rock staff dig a pit, fill it with water, and whoever is brave enough skis across it!

Mario Picard said, “A little crazy but hey it’s all about fun.”

It’s an annual end-of-ski-season tradition. Some kids went over and over again; and a lot of people were happy just watching.

A group of kids said,”You get to see people fall in and that’s epic.

“Yeah it’s super epic.”

“It’s very funny.”

Probably a lot funnier when you’re not the one falling in! That water is COLD and even colder when you’re only wearing swim trunks! Luckily those skiers got half off their lift tickets.

Big Rock Mountain Marketing & Rentals staff Jeff Clockedile said, “We really appreciate everyone that came out this year they really made it worthwhile and we needed all the support, got all the support we needed, and we can’t thank them enough

It’s a fun event that’s bittersweet.

“Kinda sad that the ski season is over?

Skier Shane Stackpole said, “Yeah but I can’t wait until next year.”

All of the extra snow we got this season allowed Big Rock Mountain to stay open for one week longer than usual, and the staff say overall they had a great ski season this year.

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