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Biathletes Practice for World Championships

| February 27, 2014


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It was a busy day at the Nordic Heritage Center today. The teams were taking part in an official training day. Kamran Hussein of Fort Kent is making his first International appearance and he is looking forward to the event.

Hussain:”I’m going to enjoy it. I hope I am not to nervous so I don’t ruin it out there. I want to do well and represent the US and Maine Winter and everyone who really supports me.”

Hussain was on the range in the afternoon while two other Maine Winter Sports Center competitors practiced in the morning and both are looking forward to competing. Mikaela Paluszek of Farmington New Hampshire and Maddie Phaneuf of Old Forge New York are looking forward to competing on a course they know well

“Paluszek:”I’m excited it’s  a great opportunity to have a home court advantage no jet lag. It’s great to have the Europeans come see what America is all about.”

“Phaneuf:” I’m really excited I have never competed Internationally before. These are my first races hopefully it will go well. Having the course I have raced on before is really nice so I am excited.”

A team from New Zealand is also in attendance. Tu Clothier and her sister Leah are competing in their first International Competition. The sisters were born in New Zealand and live in Saskatchewan.

Tu Clothier:” I’m quite excited to take on the Europeans in their national sport. It’s going to be quite different .”

Leah Clothier:” i think this is going to be a fantastic experience It already is i have met a couple of Europeans and some Australians and they are really friendly.”

It’s a family affair their father Michael is their coach. He said the whole team has been blown away by the hospitality of the area.

Michael Clothier:” Mate it has been fantastic everyone we have asked directions and anything we have asked for they have been accommodating. Beautiful spot lovely spot here.


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