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Bath Salts to Blame For Scary Incident at Bridgewater Gas Station

| February 13, 2014

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“The most terrifying thing that’s ever happened.” That’s how one employee at the Bridgewater Gulf gas station refers to what occurred there on Wednesday night. A man State Police say was on bath salts came in to the convenience store and claimed that everyone was going to blow up.

Cashier Kylie Bouchey said, “he insisted that we were all in danger, that the place was going to blow up, he claimed that he had some sort of gas fluid or something and that people were chasing him.”

Bouchey said the man insisted they turn off the gas pumps, he threatened to lock the doors of the store, and at one point started taking his clothes off. Bouchey called the police – and State Troopers, Sheriff’s Deputies, and Border Patrol agents came to the gas station on route one and secured the 30 year old Houlton man – who admitted to being under the influence of bath salts. He was taken to the Aroostook Medical Center for evaluation..they have not yet released his name.

“I hear bath salts really mess people up….my anxiety is through the roof right now. I’m probably not going to work for the next couple days,” said Bouchey.

A Maine State Police bomb technician and his K9 responded and cleared the scene to ensure it was safe and no explosives were brought in the store or in the man’s vehicle. The store was closed for approximately two hours. Bouchey says she never thought a thing like this would happen at there – but she’s thankful that there were two of them there at the time.

“There’s only two of us that close at night and if it wasn’t for it being at 5:30 that this all went down, Starsha would have been alone at 7 o’clock..and if this would have happened when she was all by herself, I don’t know what would have happened,” said Bouchey.

News Source 8 spoke with State Police Troop F Sgt. Josh Haines Thursday who said the case remains under investigation and will be reviewed by the Aroostook County District Attorney’s Office for potential charges.

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