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Bath Iron Works Holds Teleconference With Trade & Tech. Students At NMCC For Recruitment

| May 9, 2014

BIWNMCCJobs from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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A unique opportunity has come to students at a local community college. One of the bigger employers in Maine held a video conference today to recruit potential job applicants. Bath Iron Works has hundreds of current job openings, and they’re looking at Northern Maine Community College for potential new hires.

It’s an unusual way for a company to advertise it’s job openings and these students at Northern Maine Community College are embracing it.  Representatives from Bath Iron Works are describing what skills they’re looking for in a live teleconference, to fill at least 300 jobs now, and a couple hundred more in the next few years.

BIW Training and Preparation Manager Steve Kent, “Basically we have found that people up from the county are people that we found to be strong employees, good knowledge of the work, and understanding of construction. And for that reason we have a number of graduates that have come from your area that are still with us today, and they have recommended that we work with you.”

The department chair of the trade and technical program at NMCC says it’s the first time BIW has held a teleconference like this for the students, but it’s not the first time they’ve looked at hiring students from the program.

Chair of the Trade and Tech. Program at NMCC Pamela Buck says, “there are students who already got a job with bath iron works, there are a few students who already have interview scheduled, so it’s promising, it’s very promising.”

Students in the program range from a variety of trade and technical skills. Whether they decide to pursue a job with Bath Iron Works or apply their skills locally, the reputation they have with the company gives them an advantage.

NMCC Student Dave Lown, “Our instructors here have real world experience so they could relate to the students, so when we’re in our labs doing our projects and doing our wiring or welding or what ever, the instructors say yeah that’s good or you can do better.”

NMCC Student Samuel Boutot,  “I’m going to apply and see what they offer me, I know the benefits there are great, so I’m definitely interested.”

Kent, “Now that we’re lining up a new ship class, and we’re looking for strong skills -we turn back to northern Maine sources to look for good people.”

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