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Basketball Officials Use Pink Whistles

| January 29, 2014

PINKWEB from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Basketball fans have noticed that basketball officials are using a different color whistle this week.

The International Association of Approved Basketball Officials Board 150 are joining referees from throughout the state to blow the whistle for cancer. They are looking to raise money and awareness.


Orser:”It’s a just cause because cancer has no preferences it touches everybody. It’s our way of bringing that awareness up and  we thought it would be a great way to give back.”

This project has been going on for over a decade. The Blow the whistle for Cancer is an off shoot of a program started by college coaches several years ago.

Orser:” I’ll give you a little background . The NCAA Coaches started this at the National level. You saw them on TV last week wearing sneakers. Then it spun down to the High School Coaches and  so IAABO with so many members involved in college said we are going to jump in.”

Over the years several different colors have been used to raise awareness starting with pink and then to blue and then to white and now it’s back to a uniform color

Orser:” We have had assorted colors but we are now uniform throughout the State all pink whistles and they use the pink whistle on the national level.”

Money raised from the initiative is staying in the Pine Tree State

Orser:” On the national level it is all donated to  into the Cancer Research Fund but our five boards in Maine wanted to take it down a notch . All our money is sent in and used in the State of Maine for the Cancer Society.”

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