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Vacant Wellington School Building: Part 2

| November 20, 2014

Wellington School in Monticello has been vacant since its closure in June. The upkeep of the empty building is costing the town thousands. A group of citizens has now started a petition that could solve the problem. With the closure of Wellington School, elementary students in Monticello are now bussed to other district schools in […]

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Vacant Wellington School Building: Part 1

| November 19, 2014

Wellington Elementary closed last June in order to save MSAD 29 money. However, with an empty schoolbuilding and former students being bussed to Houlton, there is growing concern in Monticello. It’s been five months since classes were held at Wellington Elementary School in Monticello. The building has sat vacant since June. Monticello Town Council Chair […]

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State Champions 25 Years Apart

| November 14, 2014

There were so many storylines for this year’s Ashland Girls Soccer team, it was hard to follow them all. From freshmen phenoms to winning streaks, it was a season to remember. Here’s one story that was 25 years in the making. It was an incredible season for the Ashland Hornets. They went 18-0 en route […]

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Breaking Up the Old Boys Club: Harley Wiggins

| November 13, 2014

If you thought car parts and monkey wrenches and greasy hands were just guy stuff, then think again. One NMCC student is breaking the mold of your typical garage mechanic. Robert Rice, NMCC’s diesel hydraulics instructor is thrilled to have her in class. Her? “It’s kinda nice to have a female in the class, your […]

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Caller Attempts to Scam Caribou Rite Aid

| November 11, 2014

On Tuesday morning a man attempted to scam  the Rite Aid on Bennet Drive in Caribou, and then made threats over the phone to an employee, according to Caribou Police. The man, who spoke with a foreign accent, called the store and asked for information around 10:53 am, attempting to obtain information and card numbers for prepaid Green Dot […]

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