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Austin Theriault Prepares for 2014

| March 24, 2014


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Austin Theriault has been behind the wheel of a race car once so far in 2014. Theriault said that his plans for the upcoming season are moving forward and that he is looking forward to racing again soon.

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Theriault:”I am really excited about 2014. I think it will be sort of a rebuilding year or a transition year. I have been involved in Late Model racing for several years and I have been building my career trying to make connections and trying to meet sponsors and team owners.”

Theriault has had quite a bit of success  over the last few years. He raced for Brad Keselowski Racing Checkered Flag Foundation last year BKR discontinued the Late Model program. Theriault also drove on the PASS Series in Maine in the Austin Theriault Racing vehicle.  Earlier this year he raced  at Watermelon Speedway in Georgia and posted a top three finish.  He will be racing the Austin Theriault Racing Southern Maine Chrysler Jeep Dodge at Beach Ridge and Oxford Plains this season. He said he is still working on the schedule for the rest of the year and it could include some races on the NASCAR Circuit.

Theriault:” If everything works out like it is looking like it might happen. I would like to get either in the Camping World Truck Series or the Nationwide Series, but like I said there’s alot that needs to happen. That stuff is still a few months out, but I am cautiously optimistic that we will be racing in some select NASCAR events.”

Theriault said he is working hard at getting his name out there to prospective owners and sponsors. He said he still looks at this as a long term project

Theriault:” Everybody’s journey is going to be a little different. There is no easy way to break into NASCAR there’s no golden ticket. It’s all about making connections with people working the marketing side getting good business partners and sponsors that can stick with you.:

Theriault is living in the Charlotte North Carolina area and continues to work on his resume.  He said he doesn’t see a full time ride on the Craftsman Truck or Nationwide Series this year and that he is looking at the big picture. He also says he is prepared for the long journey to racings highest levels.

Theriault:” . I got a good support system behind me a lot of good people who are helping me out with the day to day stuff. We are going to cross our fingers and see what happens.”

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