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Augusta Has Most Sex Offenders

| October 14, 2013

Sex Offenders

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Augusta has the most sex offenders per capita of any Maine community, and that does not sit well with city residents, officials and police.
Six out of every 1,000 residents of the capital city are registered sex offenders. Bangor is second with 4.4 sex offenders per 1,000 residents.

The reasons range from Augusta’s availability of relatively cheap housing, its urban setting where offenders without cars can get around, and access to social services, in part, because the city is the state capital.

Police Chief Robert Gregoire says state prisons officials have developed a relationship with local landlords willing to rent to sex offenders, which leads to many people not originally from Augusta living in the city.

Some parents tell the Kennebec Journal they don’t let their children out of sight.

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