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Atlantic Salmon Being Reintroduced To Aroostook River

| June 9, 2014

TroutRestoration from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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For the first time after the removal of two dams on salmon brook pond and washburn pond, officials are reintroducing salmon to the area.


The salmon brook pond is in the middle of being restored to it’s original flow, and now multiple agencies are involved in bringing in the fish.

Six hundred thousand fry have been released into the Aroostook River. It’s a restoration project that officials say wouldn’t have been possible if weren’t for the removal of the dams.

Maine D.E.P Northern Regional Director Nick Archer says, “now you have an unobstructed major tributary to the aroostook river, from the river all the way up.”

It started as a habitat restoration and now the salmon restoration is underway.

Scott Thompson, Vice President of Atlantic Salmon Northern Maine says, “We’re going to start to see fish maturing in this very important water shed of the aroostook, and at this point it’s the mission of the Atlantic Salmon of Northern Maine to help restore a return population of atlantic salmon into this stream. ”

This will eventually translate into greater recreational opportunities for the community and overall fishing, primarily for brook trout.

Thompson, “We have hit just about every major tributary on the aroostook river, 10 miles, it’s the fourth largest river in Maine. It has a huge water shed flowing from the west – easterly and then into Canada.”

The restoration project began on Thursday with the help of multiple agencies. Now nature has to work alone, to complete the mission. Ba


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