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Athletes Prepare for Final Hershey North American Championships

| July 23, 2014

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The end of an era. The final Hershey track and field North American Championship is next week in Hershey Pennsylvania.

Kathy Mazzuchelli has been involved in the program for 35 years and says it has been a great program.


Mazzuchelli: It has been a great program and the reason that it has is because it is not spandex and track shoes. It’s teaching kids how to run how to jump how to throw. Basic skill fundamentals that are so important tio every day life and every sport.”

The County has always had one of the largest regional meets and largest representations at the state meet. This has given a lot of youngsters a chance to learn about track and field

Mazzuchelli:” We have 296 kids at our regional meet and that shows how many people we touch. They love it. That really gets them excited about Hershey and they know we are able to send hopefully kids from the County onto a North American final.”

Mazzuchelli is hopefuly the Northern Maine Board of recreation departmetns will keep the track program going with a regionals meet and is also hopeful the Maine Parks and Recreation Department might continue to have a State meet.

Mazzuchelli:” It has been a very very good program. I think Hershey has done an excellent job and has serviced thousands and thousands of youngsters over the years very well.”

Mazzuchlli says the experience for the youngsters has been phenomonals with some flying for the first time or leaving the state for the first time…everyone has a great time

Mazzuchelli:” It doesn’t matter where you come from it is what you have in your heart if yo u want to aspire to be good at something and if you work real hard sometimes you get opportunities.”

Mazzuchelli says that the youngsters are there to do their best and they know hard work will pay off.

Mazzuchelli:” Out of 20 or 30 kids he came in third. He worked towards that. He wanted to and believed he could and ended up grabbing a third place medal and that was the stuff that gives you goosebumps to see that. They are competing against kids from all over North America.”






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