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Astronaut Inspires Valley Students to Reach for the Stars

| November 8, 2013

ASTRO from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Astronaut Chris Cassidy is inspiring students in the Valley to reach for the stars. On Friday he showed up to Fort Kent Community High School dressed in his blue NASA jumpsuit. He shared stories, pictures, and videos from the six months he just spent in space.

Cassidy says, “I love looking out at the planet, that’s a really cool thing just looking at the simple beauty of our planet earth for me is just fantastic”

Cassidy went to high school in York…and he’s about as down to earth as they come. And even though he’s been to space twice – he says he never wanted to be an astronaut. But as he answered questions about the job he’s done for the last ten years, it was that “anything can happen” message that to him was most important to get across with these students.

Cassidy says, “I’m just a simple Maine kid like they are and never expected to have all the experiences that I had the opportunity to take advantage of and let them know when opportunities present themselves you take them and doors open for you and next thing you know who knows what could happen to you”

Tim Doak, SAD 27 Superintendent says, “Somebody real out there that’s doing something authentic with their life and they were once just a high school kid to so it gives them dreams, aspirations and hopefully fulfill something that they’ve always wanted to do in their life.”

And the feeling from the over 1 thousand students in the Valley in attendance from Madawaska to Wisdom…was a sense of gratitude. As Cassidy put on a green Fort Kent visor at the end of his presentation – he’s met with a standing ovation from the students and staff – now ready to chase their dreams to infinity and beyond.


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